Talks Dagger

An opinionated guide to Dependency Injection on Android - Android Developer Summit 2019

Why dependency injection is important on Android and a new guide about it!


Dagger has become the recommended way to do Dependency Injection on Android. However, there are many ways to use Dagger! Come hear why we recommend Dagger, the best practices including recommended setup in multi-module projects, and what plans we have to improve Dagger in Android so that you can create a solid, extensible solution for managing dependencies in your app that scales to large projects.


Daniel is a Puerto Rican native currently working on the Android Toolkit team at Google. He is passionate about developing open source libraries that increase developer happiness and productivity. Daniel is a software engineer graduate from the University of Puerto Rico. He also likes video games, like a lot.

Manuel is an Android Developer Relations Engineer at Google. With previous experience at Capital One, he currently focuses on App Architecture, Kotlin & Coroutines, Dependency Injection and Jetpack Compose.