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Hi there 👋 Here are my available digital products!


📑 Mobile System Design Interview Cheat Sheets

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The ultimate guide to nail your System Design interview! The difference between just doing okay and nailing the Mobile System Design interview.

The Mobile System Design Cheat Sheets are designed to streamline your preparation process, providing you with targeted information to tackle the challenges of system design interview exercises effectively, and help you structure your approach when solving them. I’m providing:

  • 5 decision trees for topics you need to face most of the time.
  • 9 steps to nail your system design exercise.
  • 14 pages of mobile system design content.
  • 50 topics to consider during the exercise.

Hope they are as helpful to you as they are to me.


🧑‍🏫 [FREE] Learn Android Development

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Over the years, I published Android-related content. Probably, you can get most of the answers you’re looking for on this website or this free digital product. If that’s not the case, book some time with me and we can go through your problems together here.