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Testing coroutines - Android Developer Summit 2019

How to test coroutines in 2019!


Coroutines simplify the way we do async programming on Android. However, testing async code has never been an easy task. In this talk, we show you how to master testing asynchronicity with coroutines to get that precious green check ✔️. Which questions do you have to ask yourself before writing a line of test code? How can you test coroutines that use Dispatchers.Main? What if you want to control the timing of your events? Why shouldn’t you use Dispatchers.Unconfined? Come and learn how to test coroutines like a pro.


Sean McQuillan is a Developer Advocate at Google. With a decade of experience at Twilio and other San Francisco startups he is knowledgeable about building apps that scale. Sean is passionate about using great tooling to build high quality apps - quickly. When he is not working on Android you can find him fiddling on the piano or crocheting hats.

Manuel is an Android Developer Relations Engineer at Google. With previous experience at Capital One, he currently focuses on App Architecture, Kotlin & Coroutines, Dependency Injection and Jetpack Compose.